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Friday, September 11, 2015

Update On Mom: Rehab Again

Hello Everyone,

As of yesterday mom is now in rehab again. Two weeks ago this Saturday she was sitting on the side of her bed and apparently ( no one was in the room at the time ) dozed off for a moment and she went down on the floor landing on her knees. At the time my brother who lives out of state was in for a visit. The entire day was spent with the 4 of us in the ER with mom. As the hours passed and the tests came in we were encouraged when told that she did not break anything, which is remarkable because the doctors have told us for many years that mom's bones are so thin from osteoporosis that fractures come easy to someone like her. In fact she fractured her toe just bumping it against the shower edge. Thankfully this time no breaks, however her knee did have a huge split in it and required 12 stitches. I think maybe because she was suffering from edema at the time that perhaps the extra water protected her? ( just a guess )