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Monday, October 28, 2013

As Independent Caregivers - Work in a Facility or a Private Home?

As Independent Professional Caregivers we have several options when it comes to the location in which we chose to work. We can work in a facility, such as a senior living community, or assisted living community, nursing home or speciality care facility. Or we may chose to work in a private home. I have done both. And I can tell you that both options have their pros and cons.

Here is my take on both situations:

In a private home you usually have one or possibly two people you care for. In this intimate setting, bonds form quickly. You many also find that in this setting you have more down time than you may like, even with doctor's appointments, errands, personal care and entertainment for the client(s), an 8 -12 hour shift will leave you with time on your hands. Personally I like to stay busy or my day drags on.
So plan wisely. Spread your chores out to make for a well rounded week. You will find your time goes by faster and you will have a sense of accomplishment each day.
In a facility setting, if you work for one person as an Independent Private Caregiver, you will still touch the lives of many people. This you will find brings great rewards. Older folks are such a pleasure to be around and so appreciative of any attention you give them. However you open yourself up to a greater potential for loss. Case in point:

I work at a senior living community as an Independent Professional Caregiver for a couple that lives there. While my duties are to them first, I have also made it a goal to get it know as many people as possible at the facility by name. When we go to meals, entertainment and such, I meet the other residents and this is a true pleasure. I have become close to several people in the 5 months I have worked there. And during those same 5 months I have lost some friends too. Just last week two residents passed away and one was moved to a memory care facility.

Not only was it hard to lose them, but it was hard to see the other residents heal after the losses as well.

So when making your choice to provide your Professional Independent Caregiver service at a Private Home or Facility Setting, keep the loss factor in mind. It may make a difference in how you chose.
Ruth Anne
I love comments. Please tell me what You Think or something about your own experience. Thanks!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Recap: Solutions for Family Caregiver Expo

Solutions for Family Caregiver Expo - Recap

Went to the Family Caregiver Expo in Novi Michigan.Will and I were there on Saturday. On the whole it was a good venue to gather information and ideas on how to be a Good PAL.
Our Caregiving is improved when we always look for ways to increase our Knowledge and Expertise.
While There...
We saw lots of vendors offering all kinds of services; Of course we were interested in those that would add to our abilities to provide the best of care to our clients as Professional Independent Caregivers.
And we attended one of the seminars - One on Elder Law. This was primarily addressed to the family looking to hire a caregiver, mostly through an agency. Also how to address certain issues concerning the individual seeking a caregiver or Personal Assistant.
Mostly the whole event centered on Agencies wanting to provide a family or individual with advice on hiring a caregiver.

What we came away with:
  1. The Caregiver agency industry is HUGE.
  2. Families have many questions about caregiving for their loved one (seniors).
  3. There are HUGE opportunities for Professional Independent Caregivers and PALs.
I think the path to becoming the best qualified and thus the best appreciated PAL is to be educated. I hope to help by continuing to give you the best of what I Have Learned on these pages! I will tell you about the booths I was most interested in at the Expo next.

Thanks Again
Ruth Anne

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Attending Michigan Caregivers Expo Today

Getting ready to go to the event we have shared with you. I will post later to fill you in on any hot topics share there.

Talk to you all soon.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Michigan Event Reminder

Reminder: 14 Annual Solutions for Family Caregiver Expo!

 It is important that we as PAL Caregivers stay up to date on a variety of subjects.

Here are the details about an upcoming Seminar/Expo in Michigan. Will and I are planning to attend.
  • There will be presentations and of course vendors. 
  • Vendors can providing interesting products and services 
  • Event Details
    Saturday, October 12, 2013
    9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
    Suburban Collection Showplace

    46100 Grand River Avenue
    (One mile west of Novi Road)
    Novi,  Michigan 48374

I would recommend if you can make it, do go.
A link to the event website is below:

Area Agency on Aging 1-B

The link gives the time and subjects of the presentations too.

Maybe we will see you there.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

When Professional Caregiving and Family Caregiving Collide

Being a PAL: Professional and Family Caregiving

When the Two Worlds Collide

As a Professional, your responsibilities are pretty much spelled out. They may evolve as time goes on and the needs of your client change. As a family member, a son, daughter, sister, brother etc.of someone who now needs care your love and concern for them may move you to want to use your well developed skills to help care for them. But what happens if you must work 40 even 50 or more hours a week just to make ends meet? We all know that caregivers like ourselves are not the highest paid professionals. How do you balance both?

This can be a real tough position to be in. It may cause you a lot of stress. How do you handle this? Share your story with us?