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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Update On Mom's Progress

Hello Everyone,

It's been a minute since I have shared with everyone how things are going with mom. One month ago Friday she moved from Rehab into an Adult Family Care Home. For those of you who do not know what that is let me explain.

An Adult Family Care Home also called by some an Adult Foster Care Home ( AFCH ) is a small assisted living that is as the name says, in a home. Many AFCHs are set up where the family lives in the home and are the primary caregivers, along with one or two staff they may hire. The smaller ones like the one mom is in are 1-6 residents. There are also 7-12 resident homes and 13-20. Once you reach 21 or more they fall into a different classification by the states. If they family does not live in the residence then the home's owner will hire staff to cover the 24 hour shifts. I have seen homes that are run both ways and must say most are equally nice. 

The family that lives in the home where mom is are wonderful. They live in the upstairs part of the home and have a beautiful lower level set up with 3 bedrooms, bath with nice shower and dining area / TV room. They have a full time caregiver who comes in to help with the residents and she too is wonderful. Three kids a kitty and dog round out the family and add to the homey feel of the place. They look out into a beautiful wooded area with deer, wild turkey and of course birds. It is truly a gem and we are fortunate to have found it. My sister and I both live within 10 minutes of the home so visiting is easy and they welcome us anytime.

We were not sure at first how mom would react to the fact that she was not going back to live with my sister. Since the husband at the home is also a physical therapist, we eased her into it by telling her, her follow up care for physical therapy after rehab was going to be done at this home, by the husband, all true. At first she kept saying I should be going home soon, however after a couple of weeks she said to me with no prompting " I think it would be best if I stay here, it's getting to be to much on you girls now that I need more care". What a relief! She decided on her own that this was best for all. She said that this way we can visit without worrying about the hard stuff, we can go to lunch and just enjoy ourselves. Mom you are wonderful! I didn't want her to feel that we abandon her or her  be anxious about the change. I really feel the family at the home have embraced her and she feels at home. The home has a resident doctor, a foot doctor, a hair stylist, and pharmacy the delivers, so everything is taken care of . We can use their vendors or keep our own is all up to us. 

One of the reasons that I have not posted in a while aside from getting mom settled which took a lot of my time, is that I have been working on the content for our new website and I must say I am really excited about it. 

We hope that the new website will be a resource for both family and professional caregivers. We also want to shine a spotlight on the type of home mom now lives in.  We truly believe they are hidden gems and hope to make access to them easier for all. 

Please visit often to see what is new as we add more and more information to help all of us  on this caregiving journey.

Until Next Time
Take Care
Ruth Anne

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