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Monday, September 2, 2013

What is a PAL?

As we age, whether we like it or not we may start to lose some of our dignity. Perhaps we have to rely on others more than we like. Driving, bathing, dressing all may require assistance. Even little things we did with ease we can no longer do without help. If we hire someone to help us the title they have always carried is caregiver. I want to propose a change in this term, one that affords more dignity "Personal Assistant for Living" PAL for short.

Although I am a caregiver, I have taken on the designation of PAL


Caregiving is important, both in home and in a senior living enviroment. In our business life we may have had many personal assistants to help us make it through the day, now maybe we need only one, our PAL...
Personal Assistant for Living

If caregivers everywhere would adopt this new term for themselves, our clients may feel better about accepting help. And when meeting friends how much better it sounds to say "this is my personal assistant", rather than this is my caregiver. When your time comes what would you rather say?
I know I am bucking years of terminology, but with today's trends showing the need for more senior assistants it makes sense to be a PAL. Get on board, share my link and contact me if you would like to become a PAL too.

If  you would like to learn more about becoming a PAL, contact me and subscribe to this website


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