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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Timing Can Be Key to Working With Alzheimer's Clients

Get to know your client's ebbs and flows

I have found in dealing with my Alzheimer clients that the key to getting them to work with you is timing. Take a case in point - showers.

Showers can be very trying on both you and your client. In advanced stages of the disease showering can become a real issue. They do not see things the way they normally would. So to them a shower may be a real perceived threat to them and it makes it very difficult to get them to cooperate when you are trying to help them.

I can truly say that there is no magic fix for this, I have looked for one, talked to other Caregivers about one, researched for one. But I do know this; that if you get them at a time when they are in a better mood and not tired they may respond better. Now I did say better, not easy. You will still have to be calm and patient with them, don't try to rush them just because you are uncomfortable and want to get it over with. This will not work. You may have a set day and time for bathing, you may have to adjust. Get to know your client's ebbs and flows so to speak and go with the flow.

I know many of you caregivers out there are struggling with this issue and I would love to hear your thoughts. What has worked for you. If we all share we can learn from each other and become better caregivers. Please comment or send an email.

As always take care my friends
Ruth Anne

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