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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Your Feedback Would Be Appreciated

Hello to all who have joined us here. The goal of my blog is to help family and professional caregivers in any way I can. Our job is not an easy one and those who have never taken this journey cannot possibly understand what we go through. But we understand we know the hard work, emotional trauma and financial troubles that can make this a rocky road to travel. I hope that if this is your first time here that you will do me a favor and read some of my early posts such as the one from Sept 2013 regarding caregiver grief. After you have taken a look around I would love to hear from you. It is by hearing your feedback that I too hope to grow and gain the support I need to continue my journey, for my mom and my clients. Thank you for stopping by and know my door is always open if you need to talk.

Until Next Time
Take Care
Ruth Anne

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